About Us

WorkShield is a venture inspired and created by Michael Krajewski CEO of Steelo LTD. Graduating in Aeronautical Engineering and Armament Design (MSc), he has spent the last ten years marrying his innovative mindset with his devotion to building and growing businesses. Driven by his passion and entrepreneurial spirit Michael created WorkShield to aid business owners, enabling them to get their business back on track following the detrimental impact of COVID-19, whilst keeping employees safe.

Michael has always had a passion for helping other business owners, in 2019 creating a Stand Back online course for business owners to regain their freedom whilst growing their companies. As a business owner himself, Michael was worried at how his employees would be affected during the COVID-19 outbreak and by utilising his innovative spirit created WorkShield.

After studying how foreign economies are recovering following on from their respective nationwide restrictions, it is evident that public psychology has changed internationally. People are now looking to their employers to ensure the highest measures are put in place to minimise risk. At WorkShield we can guarantee that our products can provide that comfort for your employees.

WorkShield is inspired by five main core values which drives the business, enabling WorkShield to give you the very best experience, every time.

  1. We strive for perfect outcomes.
  2. We have respect in our DNA.
  3. We aspire to simplicity.
  4. We value transparency.
  5. We believe the only constant is change.

Here at WorkShield we are confident that together we can get your business back on track.