Workplaces in a post-pandemic reality: what will change?

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Workplaces might never look the same again. Do you know what can change? Here are the 5 most probable trends.

1. Flexible work policies: partial flexible work and remote work policies (remote hiring, flexible schedules), staggered shifts. 

2. Decentralised offices: more companies will be setting up satellite offices in a hub and spoke model — which can be best served by coworking spaces, business centres, and serviced offices.

3. Commuting: we will be avoiding public transport, traffic can increase, but fewer people will be travelling at the same time. 

4. Rethinking meetings: meetings and online meetings to be swapped for simple phone calls, online chats.

5. Work/life balance: with more people working from home, they will need to learn how to stay productive & how not to work 24/7 .

'For example, Dr Tara Reich, a reader in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management at King's College tells ELLE UK that it might be difficult for companies who have a hot desk way of working to continue this. Businesses will likely stagger work hours to stop everyone arriving at the same time and continue the practice of working from home, even if it's for part of the week, to keep the number of office staff down.' - read more

'Offices will be a place of convenience and comradery rather than accountability,” said Weber. “We’ll see more companies moving to a ‘remote-first’ model where people can work wherever they want, whether that's in the office or elsewhere.' - read more