Our Nail Bar and Beauty Salon Sneeze & Cough Guards

Monday, 8 June 2020

Our sneeze screens for nail salons and hairdressers are elegant and are designed to protect both clients and employees. 

No official date has been given for the re-opening of nail salons and beauty parlours across the UK, but it won't be before July 4. Once the beauty services will get a green light to re-open, the safety of the people in the industry will be the top priority! Our BeautyShield range can be used in manicure salons to create a physical barrier between the Client and a beautician while leaving an opening enabling to proceed with a nail treatment.

This London nail salon and hairdresser has used our SocialShields and BeautyShields to create a risk-free environment once they will be allowed to reopen.

Nail salon sneeze guard

Beauty salon sneeze guard

What are sneeze screens?
Sneeze screens or sneeze guards are plastic or glass screens designed to create a physical barrier, often protecting people from sneeze and cough droplets. 

With current health concerns regarding COVID19, providing a covid-secure workplace is essential while bringing employees back to work. 
Sneeze screens and barriers are recommended by the government to be installed in workplaces in order to separate people from each other.

Currently, organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) do not believe that the novel coronavirus is airborne. Experts tend to agree that coronaviruses are transmittable through the inhalation of droplets from a person who has the infection. Coughs and sneezes expel droplets from the body. 

Sneeze screens can be fitted to the service counters, desks, tables as well as can be freestanding serving as a physical barrier between staff and customers reducing the staffs’ exposure to a potential infection.