How to combine and fix ModularShield panels? Video tutorial

Thursday, 16 July 2020

ModularShield is our most flexible design so far, tailor-made to your needs. Watch our video tutorial and learn how to create & build bespoke sneeze screens for your workplace using panels from our ModularShield range. We will show you how to create various shapes from different sized acrylic panels.

You can mix & match acrylic panels and add easy to fix connectors to build C-shaped, U-shaped, T-shaped or X-shaped sneeze screens.

By adding more panels and connectors, you can endlessly join panels together to build more developed structures. The panels and connectors are super easy and fast to assemble. By combining panels with different lengths, you can accommodate any desk, table or counter size and configuration. By choosing longer side panels, you can create an overhang for extra comfort and protection. If one of the panels requires an opening, then please choose a ModularShield panel with cut out.