How acrylic sneeze screens are made [video]

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Acrylic sneeze screens are designed to create a physical barrier, often protecting people from sneeze and cough droplets and are recommended by the government to be installed in workplaces to separate people from each other. As lockdown eases and more businesses are on track to return to work safely, the demand for acrylic sneeze screens is currently on a high level.

Watch a video, how acrylic sneeze screens are made daily in this London-based production line.

WorkShield is an online shop with a wide range of protective sneeze screens for any workplace. Screens are made from clear acrylic panels, manufactured in a lean manufacturing production line in West London. 'Our mission is to get your business going by allowing to bring back employees to the office and provide a risk-free environment.' - says Michael Krajewski, company founder. 'We've adopted lean manufacturing techniques and Theory of Constraints to maximise the efficiency and capacity of our production line. In response to unprecedented demand due to Covid-19, we can manufacture up to 300 screens per day.' - he adds.